R tip iterating over list

To iterate over a list by key, value pair, do this:

for (name in names(myList)) {
    print(name)<br />
    print(myList[[name]])<br />

Note the double [[]] so you get just the value, not the pair.


  1. Thanks for that snippet!

    I was able to write a script that allows me to list the levels associated with each of the named variables.


  2. Very helpful. Better than the usual “LOOPS ARE EVIL!!111111” instructions. Thanks!

  3. Hey man,
    I know this post is pretty old, but I just wanted to say “Thanks.” It just helped me shorten a chunk of code from hundreds of lines down to ten.

  4. Thanks! so useful.

  5. Thanks!…simple and effective …I m transitioning from python

  6. This legit just solved a problem I was having all weekend. THANKS!

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